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FSI Mercury Refurbishment

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During the existence of A.S.E., our company has become a specialized in refurbishing Wet-Process production equipment of FSI. After an average lifetime of 12-15 years, there's a possibility of giving the machine a new life.


We sell complete refurbished FSI Mercury tools with all the requirements the end-user wants/needs, of course it’s also possible to refurbish or modify your own tool in your clean-room or send your equipment for refurbishing/rebuild to us. Our refurbished FSI Mercury systems are now standard configured with the new advanced control system. (Omron Sysmac)                                



All Mercury systems will be completely 'stripped', the main frame will be cleaned or if necessary replaced by a new one. (CPVC - FM4910) After stripping / cleaning, a complete new set of parts will be installed in the existing/new cabinet(s). This task will be executed in our clean-room in The Netherlands.




Quality of the 'new' equipment is garanteed by using original spare parts. The advantages of refurbishing are significant: 
  • System price / cost is lower then OEM
  • Machine & Process specifications are the same as OEM
  • Warranty period for parts/labour are the same as OEM
  • Systems will be tested/adjusted in our "cleanroom", so the onsite installation / startup will be "plug & play"